About Us

Systouch 4000 is a unique customer service management program designed and developed by LXi Multimedia a subsidiary of LXi Holdings (Pty) Ltd. The Systouch team of developers has combined experience of over 18 years with extensive knowledge of software and monitoring applications.

Our main focus areas are to provide interactive customer service management solutions that are cost effective, green and digital with proven results.

Systouch 4000 is a world first concept that integrates touch software with a live web based monitoring system, making it unique and a first in integration development monitoring.

Our expertise goes beyond software development. We also pride ourselves to be the leading distributor of 3D holographic and interactive surface technology in Africa. We continue to source new and unique technologies from our global partners to give our clients high quality, innovative and customised technology solutions.

Our Clients


Systouch 4000 is a subsidiary of LXi investment Holdings (PTY) LTD